Building openssh7.9p1 and above against openssl1.1.1b

Samiya Khanum samiya.khanum at
Wed May 15 11:54:37 UTC 2019


After upgrading openssl to 1.1.1b, I am getting compilation errors in the
openssh code.

Does Openssh 7.9p1 and above versions support building against the openssl
1.1.1b version?
In Openssh release notes, below note is mentioned:

All: support building against the openssl-1.1 API (releases 1.1.0g
   and later). The openssl-1.0 API will remain supported at least
   until OpenSSL terminates security patch support for that API version.

Does this mean it is supported?

Thanks & Regards,
Samiya khanum
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