Building 1.1.1a on Windows - how to "make update"?

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Fri May 24 15:38:34 UTC 2019

Ok, understood.  I have now managed to build an executable with our patches and it is currently chugging through the tests (which seem to run much slower native than they did inside a Linux VM on the same host...)

There was one more hiccup with a failure ("does not have a number assigned").  Initially I had not copied util/libcrypto.num across because of a comment at the top of  "Intermediary files are created, call libcrypto.num and libssl.num."  That did not seem to happen in the way I expected.

For reference, these are the files I copied from the updated Linux tree to Windows:

It turns out the applied patches did not include any new objects.  obj_dat.h had only been touched by make update to bump the copyright year from 2018 to 2019.


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The diverse things that 'make update' generates is supposed to be the same across platforms, so the intention is that they get generated on one platform (Linux / Unix) and that these changes get distributed to all others.


On Fri, 24 May 2019 14:38:14 +0200,
Lynch, Andrew wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been working with OpenSSL 1.1.1a on Linux.  We have a number of 
> patches that are applied, including a specific version of cmpossl.  To 
> ensure that all new error codes, objects etc. are available I run 
> "make update" after config.  I.e. the build process is
> Unpack original distribution openssl-1.1.1a.tar.gz Apply list of 
> patches ./config make update && make && make test
> Some colleagues have asked me for a Windows executable, so I have now installed ActivePerl 5.26.3 and Visual Studio 2019 on my Windows 7 desktop.
> The unmodified openssl-1.1.1a builds and runs just fine using Configure VC-WIN64A-masm.  But with our patches applied the build fails once it gets to crypto/cmp because the include files cmperr.h and crmferr.h do not exist.  On Linux these are created by make update.  The Windows Makefile does not have a target "update" (or "errors" for that matter).
> So what is the equivalent of make update or make errors on Windows?
> I am wondering if I can simply copy the updated files from Linux (new _err.h, modified obj_dat.h and probably a few more) but I would prefer an official way to (re)generate them on Windows.
> Regards,
> Andrew.
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