Slightly funny tar ball for openssl 1.1.1c ?

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at
Tue May 28 20:21:03 UTC 2019

Dennis Clarke wrote in <cd5cd5e2-820f-c916-feab-3ec5547d391a at>:
 |>> beta $ gzip -dc ../src/openssl-1.1.1c.tar.gz | tar -xf -
 |>> tar: pax_global_header: typeflag 'g' not recognized, converting to
 |>> regular file
 |>> beta $
 |>> Must be a gnu tar thing?
 |> Hi Dennis,
 |> it's not a bug, it's a feature.  ;-)
 |> No seriously: it's the `git archive` command which is used to export \
 |> the tree
 |> into a tarfile. It adds an extended header containing the commit \
 |> hash of the
 |> commit which was exported. Older tar programs don't know how to deal
 |> with that header and are a bit confused about it.
 |Yep.  Old POSIX tar just coughed up a one line pax_global_header file :
 |52 comment=97ace46e11dba4c4c2b7cb67140b6ec152cfaaf4
 |> We had a similar discussion after 1.1.1b was released, it started here
 |> see in particular reply
 |> and the links to the LKML which it contains
 |Perfectly harmless feature.  Thank you for the detailed reply.

Does not look harmless on some BSD unless thorougly inspected
iirc.  Since 2013-09-13 ([9c1375a7]) i thus repack balls

      # Repack with standard tar(1) to avoid new-style headers
      ${git} archive --format=tar --prefix="${PROGRAM}-${REL}/" v${REL}.ar |
         ( cd "${TMPDIR}" && ${tar} -x -f - )
      cd "${TMPDIR}"

      ${tar} -c -f "${PROGRAM}-${REL}.tar" "${PROGRAM}-${REL}"

NetBSD tar for example might say[1], which is frightening.

    "%s extended headers posix ustar archive."
		    " Extracting as plain files. Following files might be"
		    " in the wrong directory or have wrong attributes.",


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