Reg missing in openssl 1.1.1

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Thu May 30 00:10:27 UTC 2019

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> On 29/05/2019 18:39, ramakrushna mishra wrote:

>> In Openssl 1.1.1,  the file "" is missing. This cause degradation of
>> performance on AIX. ...

> The AIX port to Itanium was never released as a product, and was abandoned
> altogether in 2002; I'm surprised that a degradation of performance on it
> matters to anyone.

What, no love for unobtainable archaic platforms?

Personally, I'm bemoaning the lack of a for AIX 2 on my RT PC. And the shocking lack of assembly modules for the PDP-11.

In all seriousness: It's pretty cool that OpenSSL still includes assembly modules for what are now rather niche architectures such as MIPS and PA-RISC. And in case all this is too convoluted for the OP, doesn't apply to extant AIX systems, which are all some variant of POWER, not IA64.

(OK, somewhere someone probably has one of the other AIX variants running - AIX/390 might be the last non-POWER AIX to die, if I had to bet. But probably not AIX IA64.)

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