Can a linux service work as both TLS client and server?

Kristen Webb kwebb at
Fri Nov 15 22:49:04 UTC 2019

Hi Phil,
Thanks for such a fast response!  I am doing the polling today.

I believe I left something very important out of my original question.
I only have 1 well known port to accept all of my connections.

TLS_client_app -> service on portA (needs to be a TLS_server)
TLS_server_app -> service on portA (needs to be a TLS_client)

The problem is that when the service accept()'s the connection it does
not know what type of app made the connection so it cannot decide
if it should act as the TLS client or server (unless I send a 1/0 hint
over TCP first).


On Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 3:28 PM Phil Neumiller <pneumiller at>

> Sure, you just need additional threads.  Note: accept is a blocking call so
> the thread that runs in (i.e. your server side will block until a packet is
> received).  You can write a polling loop using select, that doesn't block.
> The cleanest thing to do is have a thread for client(s) and one for
> server.
> I have done this with C++17 with TLS1_3_Client and TLS1_3_Server classes
> with accept loop member functions started as std::thread.
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