need your help about fipsld in Example OpenSSL Based Application

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Thu Nov 28 04:53:38 UTC 2019

Thank you for the suggestion.
When I do like make CC=/path/to/fipsld FIPSLD_CC=/point/to/gcc
It gave out

/bin/sh: warning: shell level (1000) too high, resetting to 1
 then putty exit.

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You will need to pass your native compiler i.e gcc to fipsld script and make the fipsld script refer to your native compiler.

Make CC=<complete path to fipsld> FIPSLD_CC=/USR/BIN/GCC

refer section 5.3.1 of fips-openssl-userguide-2.0


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Dear all,
As a newbie, I am following the details in document UserGuide-2.0.pdf,Appendix C Example OpenSSL Based Application,C1, which creates one Makefile and one  c source code file. when run make command, it always use ld to do the link, not the fipsld, but when I run command like :
make CC=/path/to/fipsld 
it seems ran into loop, so, I need your help about what to  fix to make the example works.

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