Linux linking issues moving from 1.0.2t to 1.1.1c

Dan Heinz dheinz at
Mon Oct 7 19:55:50 UTC 2019

>The no-dso is silently not valid in 1.1.1c.  That option didn't work right, so it was unusable in practice anyway.  However, someone recently fixed that up, unfortunately after the last 1.1.1 release.
>The specific patch may be possible to find on github (unless that branch has been deleted), otherwise you will have to cherry-pick the appropriate commit.

>Github PR:
>Commit ID: 8dcd57461972dceaaf014b71d173d0a8758e7054


Thanks for the info.  I did some more digging and you had actually posted a workaround in this thread:

I thought I would try it out.
I used your example and created my own config target in file named no_dos.conf. 
    'my-linux-x86_64' => {
        inherit_from    => [ 'linux-x86_64' ],
        dso_scheme     => undef,

./Configure --config ../no_dso.conf my-linux-x86_64  -m32 --prefix=$install_path/openssl_32 -DPURIFY -DOPENSSL_NO_COMP no-asm no-shared no-dso no-sse2 no-idea no-mdc2 no-rc5 no-ssl3 no-zlib no-comp no-afalgeng no-pinshared

But I'm getting this error from the script when Configure is run:
target already defined - ../no_dso.conf (offending arg: my-linux-x86_64)

What did I miss?

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