Linux linking issues moving from 1.0.2t to 1.1.1c

Richard Levitte levitte at
Tue Oct 8 18:32:55 UTC 2019

On Tue, 08 Oct 2019 18:53:37 +0200,
Dan Heinz wrote:
> Another question is why I now need to link pthreads when I did not
> in the 1.0.2 version?  I've added no-threads to the configuration,
> but I'm curious why I didn't need to previously link it.  And I'd
> prefer not to change too many configuration parameters if possible.

We have radically changed how threads-related things are handled.
Previous to 1.1.0, we required the application to provide us with the
locking functionality in form of callbacks.  Since 1.1.0, these
matters are entirely internal, so libcrypto requires the presence of
the platform specific thread implementation of our choosing, which is
pthread on everything but Windows, where we use Windows thread calls.

So if you really really really want to have nothing to do with threads
in your applications, the 'no-threads' configuration option is the
right move.  However, if your applications do deal with threads,
directly or indirectly, disabling threads in libcrypto is of course a
bad move.


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