use of makedepend in openssl 1.1.1

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> shiva kumar <shivakumar2696 at> skrev: (24 oktober 2019 20:41:28 CEST)
> >what is the use of makedepend in openssl 1.1.1?
> >openssl 1.1.1 can build without makepend then what's the use of
> >makedepend?
> For C compilers that can't generate makefile dependency files, we have
> makedepend as a fallback.

And, of course, makedepend is never *necessary* for building anything. You can create dependencies by hand, or always do a full build if you change any headers, and so on.

makedepend is an optimization for the build process. As such, it has exactly the same purpose in OpenSSL as it does in any other project.

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