Role Separation

Kyle Hamilton aerowolf at
Sun Sep 15 15:29:04 UTC 2019

OpenSSL is a toolkit, not a full implementation.  More importantly, it is a
library, so anyone who can link against it can perform all operations that
the library can support, and the library has no concept of role separation
built in.

As such, the 'openssl' commandline tool allows the use of any of its
subcommands by anyone who can run their executables.  This generally
includes 'root', which is also usually necessary for manipulating files
(keys, certs, and CA cert chains) which are owned by system users, like

There are many openssl subcommands which are useful for standard system and
network administrators.  s_client and s_server (to verify interoperability
and connectivity), x509 (to figure out what's broken and see if it's
something the PKI admin needs to deal with, in conjunction with the -noout
and -text parameters), verify (to figure out what's wrong with a cert chain
to make filing tickets for the pki admin more useful)... the only commands
I can really think of off the top of my head that could be legitimately
restricted are 'req' and 'ca'.  Usually, the 'ca' command is limited by
access to the CA key.  'req' generates a new certificate signing request,
but doesn't generate a new certificate.  The operations for a PKI admin
should in all cases include "generate your request, then send the request
that you just generated" rather than "submit some request that some other
schlub generated", which mitigates that particular potential disaster.

It might be possible to limit the execution of openssl subcommands using
SELinux roles and labels, but I don't think anyone's audited the
subcommands looking for functionality that should be limited to one role or
another.  The closest that's been done has been for the FIPS validation,
and (to my uncertain understanding) even that applies pretty much only to
the building and installation of the module.

If you do perform such an audit, I'd love to see your work.  (n.b. I'm not
a member of the OpenSSL team, so my opinions are mgmy own and no one

-Kyle H

On Sun, Sep 15, 2019, 09:06 Jimmy Jung <jimmy.jung at> wrote:

> I had been poking around the internet looking for implementations of Role
> Separation for OpenSSL (in this case in Centos).  I thought I should ask
> here as well.
> By “role separation” I’m thinking that only PKI roles can perform OpenSSL
> commands and system admins are restricted from these operations.
> Thanks
> jimmy
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