building openssl-1.1.1d with "enable-deprecated"

Peter Sui peters at
Mon Sep 16 14:44:01 UTC 2019

       From the openssl website, I got the folloeing instruction:
Access to deprecated functions/macros has been removed by default. To
enable access you must do two things. 1) Build OpenSSL with deprecation
support (pass "enable-deprecated" as an argument to config) 2) Applications
must define "OPENSSL_USE_DEPRECATED" before including OpenSSL header files.
But, after I followed the instructions, it did not work. I searched all the
files(.h, .cpp, .c), I did not see the "OPENSSL_USE_DEPRECATED"  anywhere.
And in the make file generated, I found it's using the
flag -D"_CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE", does it mean no deprecated functions
available in the library built?  I also compared all the binary and header
files between the build without "enable-deprecated" and the build with
there is no difference.
The command I used is:
perl Configure VC-WIN32 enable-deprecated

Thank you inadvance!

Peter Sui
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