building openssl-1.1.1d with "enable-deprecated"

Peter Sui peters at
Mon Sep 16 15:26:48 UTC 2019

Hi Matt,
       I said " It does not work" means, after I build the open-ssl1.1.1d
with or without the "enable-deprecated" configuration, then use the
library, header files in my application as before with the older
version(1.0.2t), then my build failed, the errors are like:
Error C3861 'HMAC_CTX_init': identifier not found
Error C3861 'HMAC_CTX_cleanup': identifier not found
and more related to some struct def difference.
But as I imagine, it should not happen, right ?


On Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 11:17 AM Michael Wojcik <
Michael.Wojcik at> wrote:

> Matt has answered the main question, but as an aside:
> -D"_CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE" suppresses warning messages from Microsoft's
> Visual C compiler for using various standard C library functions, rather
> than using the optional "secure" ones (a misnomer, as they are at best
> somewhat easier to use safely) added with C99 (in Appendix K of the C
> standard, I think; I'm traveling and don't have my copy handy). It has
> nothing to do with OpenSSL APIs, deprecated or otherwise; it just reduces
> noise from the Microsoft compiler.
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