Sometimes my client can't receive data

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Sat Sep 21 06:45:19 UTC 2019

Hello, everyone ! 

I'm using openssl as client in blocking mode , i have a problem .
Sometimes my program can't  receive data , and acctually server has been sent the data to me.
I can only  receive the data by sending another request . Then the data i expected arrived with a new data sent by server .

Below is my code 
bool can_read()
struct timeval tv = {0 , 100};
       FD_SET(m_socket.fd(), &m_rfds);
int ret = select( m_socket.fd()+1, &m_rfds , NULL, NULL, &tv);
return ret > 0 ; 

//this is the main process
int try_receive(char * buf , int len )
if( !can_read())
return -1;

return SSL_read(m_ssl, buf, len); 

I'd really appreciate if you could tell me what's wrong with this code .
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