FIPS canister questions

Tomas Mraz tm at
Tue Aug 18 18:05:38 UTC 2020

there is no way to do that. The CentOS OpenSSL build does not allow using the upstream Fips object module.
In theory you could replace the CentOS openssl library with upstream 1.0.2 library built in way that it allows using the fipscanister.o however it would require non-trivial patching of the upstream OpenSSL 1.0.2 code to make it compatible with the rest of the system.

⁣Tomáš​ Mráz

18. 8. 2020 19:51, 19:51, Swapna Pinnamaraju <swapna at> napsal/a:
>Hi everyone.
>We are running CentOS 7.8 and the OpenSSL that comes with it, 'OpenSSL
>1.0.2k-fips'. We have built the latest FOM 2.0 and now we want to
>incorporate the output of the FOM build into our CentOS 7.8 system. So
>we have two questions.
>1.  How do we install the output of the FOM build (fipscanister.o et
>al) on the CentOS system such that the existing OpenSSL will start
>using the new canister?
>1.  How do we verify that libcrypto is indeed using the new
>Thanks in advance.
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