intermittent Apache/OpenSSL error hangs server

Jerry Blasdel jblaz2019 at
Tue Jan 7 13:21:54 UTC 2020

I have several servers configured the same, running Apache 2.4X/OpenSSL1.02

On one server we periodically get the following errors in the Apache logs:

SSL Library Error: error:xxxxxx:FIPS_drbg_generate:selftest failed.  In
some cases, the server continues to service requests, but in other cases
the server hangs and will not process requests until the worker pid
receiving the error is killed, or a kill -HUP is issues on the Apache root

I see someone else had a similar issue but I can't find any resolution.

Other information...

We have looked at the entropy on the server when it is working properly vs
when it hangs and could not find any big differences.

Also, SSLRandomSeed is configured for startup and connect in Apache.

Any help would be appreciated.

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