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>   * topic: Change some words by accepting PR#12089
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>   * 4 against, 3 for, no absensions
> I am at a loss for words.
> I can’t contribute to a project that feels this way.  The OMC (list at 
> [1], a picture of some of them at [2] although it includes non-OMC 
> members) is, in my view, on the wrong side of history. I hope that in 
> time, the four men who voted against it will develop more – what, 
> empathy? – and that sometime in the future this PR [3], or similar, 
> will be merged.  Until then, I will do what I have to in order to 
> insure that Akamai’s needs for FIPS are met and once 3.0 is released, 
> I will be fully applying my modest talents elsewhere.
> I have closed all non-FIPS PR’s, and as soon as I see this message in 
> my inbox, I will unsubscribe from this list. I can be reached as rsalz 
> at
> [1]
> [2]
> [3] 
> <>
What is next, attack the jing/jang colors or renaming the night from 
black to colorless?

I think this black/white or master/slave thing is blowing things out of 
Humans have all kind of colors, including colorless and white. And when 
I think of master/slave, it is just a principle - something is 
controlling something else. That there was a period where white people 
controlled the fate of "black" people is a colorless period in human 
history. Which should not be forgotten, but remembered as a period with 
lots of wrong doing to other human beings.

I understand that white people should not talk about "negros" or the 
like, but colorless people think they can still us this awful word. Now, 
who is dictating who? Don't do/say things you would not have it from 
others to yourself.

Black is not negative by definition, it is what your mind associate it with.

--- Frans.

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