Generate opensslconf.h - openssl 1.0.2 vs openssl 1.1.1g

prudvi raj rajprudvi98 at
Thu Jul 16 20:01:51 UTC 2020


How do i  generate "opensslconf.h" in openssl 1.1.1g?
>From docs, i assume it is created after we give  "./Configure <options>
I observe that "opensslconf.h" is created only on giving "make" after
./Configure... But this additionally created .d & .o files in crypto
For openssl1.0.2 , the same opensslconf.h is created right after
"./Configure" .
(all .h files in include directory are created after ./Configure, whereas
in 1.1.1 .h files appear in include directory - without any ./Configure)

For context , we are upgrading our project to openssl 1.1.1g from 1.0.2k &
i am concerned about this .d & .o files, in case i build the whole project
- which is including openssl folder.

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