TLSv1.3, AES and Apache2 on opensuse leap 15.2

cryptearth cryptearth at
Tue Jul 21 02:20:27 UTC 2020

first of: as I'm not sure what's causing this issue I'll post this 
question on these locations:
opensuse official forums
apache httpd mailing list
openssl mailing list

As OpenSuSE 15.2 recently released with openssl 1.1.1 in its repos it's 
now possible to use TLSv1.3 with Apache2 out of the box. As I use the 
TLS test on as a reference I encountered some issues I'd 
like to ask for help to fix.
First of, as most important, the used versions:

apache2: 2.4.43-lp152.1.1
openssl: 1.1.1d-lp152.1.1

And here's the config (only used ssl-global.conf for this test):

SSLProtocol -all +TLSv1.2 +TLSv1.3
SSLOpenSSLConfCmd Curves secp521r1:secp384r1

There were no other changes made to any other conf.
As one can see I only enabled AES with 256 bit keylength and ordered 
chacha20 preferred over AES. But when testing with server 
test it shows two issues I'm unable to solve myself:

1) although not enabled the server test also shows AES with only 128 bit 
keylength enabled and working - hence capping the score to only 90% for 
cipher strength (only ciphers with an equivalent of at least RSA 4096 
give one full 100%)
2) the order doesn'T match the config - it shows AES256 as the most 
preferred one, then followed by the chacha20 and finally the AES128

As I don't know if this is an issue with apache, openssl or opensuse I 
posted it on all three to reach most group of people, so, if you're 
member of more than one of the mentioned I apologize if you get this 
topic multiple times.

Thanks in advance to anyone,

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