Problems porting Openssl 1.1.1d to zos.

Patrick Steuer psteuer9 at
Wed Mar 4 11:06:39 UTC 2020

> I stumbled across this mails when looking for information regarding OpenSSL
> on zOS. Currently, I am working on getting OpenSSL 1.1.1c running on zOS. So
> far I created my own config "target" inside 10-main.conf based on the old
> configuration that was used pre OpenSSL 1.1.0.

> Still, I was not able to get that far yet and was wondering how you
> proceeded regarding this issue? Apart from some github issues and the likes
> regarding EBCDIC patches I was unable to find much advice on how to
> configure the build and how to tackle common issues. One config target for
> zOS OS390 was created a while back but then removed again from OpenSSL
> 1.1.1. With my config target I made it to the compile step but still face
> build issues. Reaching a complete build like Wendell Nichols would already
> by a great step.

Regarding z/OS, the build environment is usually the hard part:
We build from EBCDIC sources (gunzip the tar file, use pax to extract
from tar) using xplink linkage, 64 bit and a perl version that works
with EBCDIC.

Relevant parts from the config files that we are using:

      "OS390-Unix" => {
          inherit_from     => [ "BASE_unix", asm("zos_asm") ],
          cc               => "./tools/",
          cflags           => "-O -Wc,dll,XPLINK,exportall,hgpr,lp64 
-Wa,'GOFF,SYSPARM(USE_XPLINK)' -qlongname -qlanglvl=extc99 -DB_ENDIAN 
          module_ldflags   => "-Wl,XPLINK,LP64",
          shared_ldflags   => "-Wl,dll,XPLINK,LP64",
          bn_ops           => "THIRTY_TWO_BIT RC4_CHAR",
          thread_scheme    => "(unknown)",
          perlasm_scheme   => "zOS64",

# Either comment out all the asm below, or use a no-asm build.
     zos_asm => {
         template        => 1,
         cpuid_asm_src   => "s390xcap.c s390xcpuid.s",
         bn_asm_src      => "bn_asm.c", # s390x-gf2m.s",
         ec_asm_src      => "ecp_s390x_nistp.c",
         aes_asm_src     => "aes-s390x.s aes-ctr.fake aes-xts.fake",
         sha1_asm_src    => "sha1-s390x.s sha256-s390x.s sha512-s390x.s",
         rc4_asm_src     => "rc4-s390x.s",
         modes_asm_src   => "ghash-s390x.s",
#       chacha_asm_src  => "chacha-s390x.s",
#       poly1305_asm_src => "poly1305-s390x.s",
         keccak1600_asm_src      => "keccak1600-s390x.s",

#!/bin/sh -k
# Re-order arguments so that -L comes first

for arg in $* ; do
   case $arg in
     -L*) lopts="$lopts $arg" ;;
     *) opts="$opts $arg" ;;

c99 -Wl,dll $lopts $opts

> Are any of you aware of zOS specific OpenSSL development branches that I
> have yet to find? Or is this mainly done in private repositories/branches
> and not offered for PRs to the OpenSSL repository?

We are working on porting OpenSSL for z/OS internally right now and will
share the work in progress (via a PR to the OpenSSL repo) as soon as it
makes sense, probably in the near future.


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