Problems porting Openssl 1.1.1d to zos.

K Lengauer kevin.lengauer at
Wed Mar 4 15:27:03 UTC 2020

Thank you very much Patrick Steuer.

This certainly helps! I am now also in the progress of building OpenSSL and
come across missing "cflags" and the likes so with your config I can
hopefully save some time as well as verify what I already use.
I will also share my config in the near future once I am getting closer to a
successful build. Most of the flags I added in my "OS390-Unix" target are
the same or similar to yours. Again, thank you.

@Michael Mueller: The zOS system Perl was also below the minimum required
Perl version but our system administrator pointed me to using
rocketsoftware's Perl 5.24 which he already added to the zOS machine I am
using some time ago. I hear mixed opinions regarding rocketsoftware but so
far I was able to work with it. Just make sure to adjust your LIBPATH,
PERL5LIB and so on to make that Perl work.
Just sharing in case you did not yet try that. If you get stuck configuring
the new Perl I could share my settings.

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