openssl-1.1.1g cygwin make errors

Anand Sridharan sri.deep07 at
Wed May 6 01:19:34 UTC 2020

Hi Open SSL users ,

Please let us know if someone has observed below errors while compiling on
source with cygwin.
Please do indicate any workaround available , I observed similar errors
with different version as well such as openssl 1.1.1a.

from crypto/async/arch/async_null.c:11:
crypto/async/arch/../arch/async_posix.h:28:24: ucontext.h: No such file or
In file included from crypto/async/arch/../async_local.h:30,
                 from crypto/async/arch/async_null.c:11:
crypto/async/arch/../arch/async_posix.h:32: error: parse error before
crypto/async/arch/../arch/async_posix.h:32: warning: no semicolon at end of
struct or union
crypto/async/arch/../arch/async_posix.h:35: error: parse error before '}'
crypto/async/arch/../arch/async_posix.h:35: warning: type defaults to `int'
in declaration of `async_fibre'
crypto/async/arch/../arch/async_posix.h:35: warning: data definition has no
type or storage class
crypto/async/arch/../arch/async_posix.h:37: error: parse error before '*'
crypto/async/arch/../arch/async_posix.h: In function
crypto/async/arch/../arch/async_posix.h:39: error: `o' undeclared (first
use in this function)
crypto/async/arch/../arch/async_posix.h:39: error: (Each undeclared
identifier is reported only once
crypto/async/arch/../arch/async_posix.h:39: error: for each function it
appears in.)
crypto/async/arch/../arch/async_posix.h:41: error: `r' undeclared (first
use in this function)
crypto/async/arch/../arch/async_posix.h:42: error: `n' undeclared (first
use in this function)


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