Can RSA PSS-R be done simply with OpenSSL?

John McCabe john at
Tue May 12 18:45:20 UTC 2020

I've searched around, but found nothing that appears to help.

I'm developing some software where I may be given a file that's been created (signed) by using the Crypto++ library's implementation of RSA PSS-R, with a SHA1 hash. As I understand it, the complete file contents then effectively becomes the signature, and the receiving end needs to recover the original file contents and verify its signature.

Is the receiving end something I can do with OpenSSL? I have a need to use OpenSSL features in the software I'm developing so, if possible, I'd rather avoid having to include Crypto++ in it!

Any pointers would be gratefully appreciated. For what it's worth, this is something I'm fairly new to so, if what I'm asking isn't clear, or if it sounds like I have some concepts wrong, please let me know.... gently ;-)

Many thanks

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