PRNG not available when multiple providers are configured?

Thomas Dwyer III tomiii at
Tue Nov 3 00:55:00 UTC 2020

I'm having trouble getting RAND_status() to return 1 when my openssl.cnf
has both the default provider and the fips provider configured at the same

        openssl_conf = openssl_init

        providers = provider_sect

        default = default_sect
        fips = fips_sect

        activate = 1

        .include /conf/openssl/fips.cnf

If I remove either default or fips from [provider_sect] then RAND_status()
returns 1. If I leave them both specified there, RAND_status() always
returns 0. Is this the expected behavior or am I doing something wrong? I
understand that I must specify properties when fetching algorithms in order
to get deterministic behavior with multiple providers loaded. Is there an
analogous API for the PRNG that I'm overlooking?

Interestingly, setting activate=0 for either provider is not sufficient to
work around this issue.

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