HMAC is deprecated in 3.0 getting error 'HMAC' was not declared in this scope

Narayana, Sunil Kumar sanarayana at
Thu Nov 26 17:32:20 UTC 2020

                We are trying to upgrade our application from openssl usage of 1.0.2 to openssl 3.0, during which we observe following errors.
Need help to identify the alternatives.

Error1 :  error: 'HMAC' was not declared in this scope HMAC(EVP_sha1(), (const void*) cookie_secret, COOKIE_SECRET_LENGTH,

  *   HMAC is deprecated in 3.0 but not finding the suitable replacement to use in application.
  *   We feel we can use EVP_MAC API's, but not sure the exact API which replaces HMAC

Error2 : error: invalid use of incomplete type 'SSL' {aka 'struct ssl_st'} ssl->d1->mtu = MAX_SEND_PKT_SIZE;

  *   Our application is trying to set the MTU size but can not access d1 of 'struct ssl_st'.
  *   Any utility exposed to applications similar to API dtls1_ctrl which is mostly an internal one


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