Marc Roos M.Roos at f1-outsourcing.eu
Fri Sep 4 07:52:38 UTC 2020

As if amazon is the only provider you can host an mta. As I wrote before 
your laziness to find a proper provider solution, causes work at other 
providers. The only advantage that your type of customer has, is that 
your brains all work the same going for cheap and easy. So if I do block 
such a network, I block of useless traffic. 

I think amazon is expanding/changing strategy. Now they are even routing 
to dubious ip ranges.

traceroute -n
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte 

 4  0.516 ms  0.522 ms  0.534 ms
 5  1.779 ms  1.154 ms  1.748 ms
 6  4.971 ms  2.019 ms  4.677 ms
 7  1.292 ms  1.629 ms  
1.095 ms
 8  * * *
 9  * * *   mta119-2.msgfocus.com.   mta119-3.msgfocus.com.   mta119-4.msgfocus.com.   mta119-5.msgfocus.com.   mta119-6.msgfocus.com.   mta119-7.msgfocus.com.   mta119-8.msgfocus.com.   mta119-9.msgfocus.com.  mta119-10.msgfocus.com.  mta119-11.msgfocus.com.  mta119-12.msgfocus.com.  mta119-13.msgfocus.com.  mta119-14.msgfocus.com.  mta119-15.msgfocus.com.  mta119-16.msgfocus.com.  mta119-17.msgfocus.com.  mta119-18.msgfocus.com.  mta119-19.msgfocus.com.  mta119-20.msgfocus.com.  mta119-21.msgfocus.com.  mta119-22.msgfocus.com.  mta119-23.msgfocus.com.  mta119-24.msgfocus.com.  mta119-25.msgfocus.com.  mta119-26.msgfocus.com.  mta119-27.msgfocus.com.  mta119-28.msgfocus.com
.. mta119-223.msgfocus.com. mta119-224.msgfocus.com. mta119-225.msgfocus.com. mta119-226.msgfocus.com. mta119-227.msgfocus.com. mta119-228.msgfocus.com. mta119-229.msgfocus.com. mta119-230.msgfocus.com. mta119-231.msgfocus.com. mta119-232.msgfocus.com. mta119-233.msgfocus.com. mta119-234.msgfocus.com. mta119-235.msgfocus.com. mta119-236.msgfocus.com. mta119-237.msgfocus.com. mta119-238.msgfocus.com. mta119-239.msgfocus.com. mta119-240.msgfocus.com. mta119-241.msgfocus.com. mta119-242.msgfocus.com. mta119-243.msgfocus.com. mta119-244.msgfocus.com. mta119-245.msgfocus.com. mta119-246.msgfocus.com. mta119-247.msgfocus.com. mta119-248.msgfocus.com. mta119-249.msgfocus.com. mta119-250.msgfocus.com. mta119-251.msgfocus.com. mta119-252.msgfocus.com. mta119-253.msgfocus.com. mta119-254.msgfocus.com.

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