TCP vs TLS performance (2048 RSA AES)

Amy Smith gsonvin at
Fri Sep 25 19:17:03 UTC 2020

Hi,I have just started using openssl for my project. I'm building small server application using intel QAT engine.1)  I'm trying to find benchmark numbers for pure hardware based comparison between with or without QAT engine. I mmap the file which server will send (to eliminate disk performance). Any pointer where to find would be appreciated.2) I'm also trying to check if there is hardware based comparison between tcp vs tls. How much performance degradation I should expect when I start using tls instead of tcp(given it is small embedded server which is mmapping the file). I tried googling it and everywhere is mentions that there is no to very little performance effect between TCP & TLS but that is not what I see. I see performance degradation of magnitude of 10 times. I use per core measurement. For single core if TCP performance is 50K CPS per core and throughput is 10Gbps, when I modify it to use TLS 2048 RSA with AES performance foes down to ~1Gbps and 300CPS for 128K file download. I'm using home grown tcp stack and also bypassing linux kernel for networking.
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