Symbols X509_set_notAfter and X509_set_notBefore are missing

Robert Smith wmk589 at
Fri Apr 9 20:03:28 UTC 2021

I am porting application from openSSL version 1.0.2u to 1.1.1k and linker complaints that symbols X509_set_notAfter and X509_set_notBefore are missing.

I've checked both versions 1.0.2u and 1.1.1k and I see that these symbols really are not present in 1.1.1k. 
user at ubuntu_dev_vm:~/tools/openssl$ nm -D --defined-only 1.0.2u/lib/ | grep X509_set_not00110994 T X509_set_notAfter001109fc T X509_set_notBefore user at ubuntu_dev_vm:~/tools/openssl$ nm -D --defined-only 1.1.1k/ | grep X509_set_not user at ubuntu_dev_vm:~/tools/openssl$ 
I use default builds with NO limiting defines OPENSSL_API_COMPAT as described in the wiki :

Can anyone clarify how to resolve the issue with X509_set_notAfter and X509_set_notBefore symbols.

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