PKCS#1 RSAPublicKey in Openssl 3.0

Matt Caswell matt at
Tue Apr 20 07:26:44 UTC 2021

On 20/04/2021 06:30, Paramashivaiah, Sunil wrote:
> Hi All,
>       PEM_read_bio_RSAPublicKey is deprecated in Openssl 3.0. I am 
> unable to find
>       an alternate API to get EVP_PKEY from Pem format PKCS#1 Public key.
>       Is PKCS#1 Public key not supported in Openssl 3.0
>       Please suggest me how to get EVP_PKEY from Pem format PKCS#1 
> Public key in Openssl 3.0

The functions PEM_read_bio_PUBKEY() or PEM_read_bio_PUBKEY_ex() can read 
an RSA PKCS#1 public key in PEM format and returns it as an EVP_PKEY 
(RSA_read_bio_PUBKEY is also available in older versions of OpenSSL).

Alternatively you can use the newer and more flexible 
OSSL_DECODER_CTX_new_for_pkey() and OSSL_DECODER_from_bio().


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