configuration options 'fips' and 'makedepend' disabled by default on master

Dr. Matthias St. Pierre Matthias.St.Pierre at
Thu Apr 29 09:49:20 UTC 2021

The 'fips' option is now disabled by default. 

For the 'makedepend' option, several people raised concerns whether the disadvantages of disabling it
wouldn't outweigh the performance gain at build time, see discussion in pull request #15050.
So I decided to drop pull request, the 'makedepend' option remains enabled by default.


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> Subject: configuration options 'fips' and 'makedepend' disbled by default on master
> Just a short heads-up to all users testing and developing for OpenSSL 3.0:
> The defaults for the configuration options 'fips' and 'makepend' are going to change on the master branch soon
> (i.e., before the release of 3.0.0 alpha16): they will be disabled by default.
> If your developer workflow or your continuous integration relies on one of those options, now it's a good time
> to enable them explicitly by adding 'enable-fips' resp. 'enable-makedepend' to your configure arguments.
> Regards,
> Matthias
> disable fips:
> disable makedepend:
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