openssl windows compile: VS2012 Pro vs VS2019 Community

Michael Mueller abaci.mjm at
Fri Apr 30 22:31:43 UTC 2021

Compile on Openssl 1.1.1k on W2008R2 with VS2019 Community was successful.

Compile of my app that uses openssl dlls on the same platform was successful.

"openssl.exe version" works correctly

Running my app I get "No OPENSSL_Applink"

This is new since running VS2019 compiled binaries.

I included ms\applink.c in the source list and recompiled my app. Working now.

Anyone have insight why applink.c is needed with VS2019 Community
compile and not a VS2012 Pro compile?

Should all MS apps linking the openssl dlls always have applink.c to
the sources?

Thanks for reading.

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