Deciphering a .p7f file

Jakob Bohm jb-openssl at
Wed Aug 11 13:49:59 UTC 2021

On 2021-08-11 13:52, Keine Eile wrote:
> Hi list members,
> I have a .p7f in hands, which seems to be a DER encoded PKCS7 
> structure in some way, I can use 'openssl pkcs' to transform it in a 
> PEM form, I also can pull a bunch of certificates out of it. But I 
> know, there is some encrypted pay load in this file, which I can not 
> decipher. What I have tried with openssl's rsautl and smime does not 
> seem to work for me.
> May be someone of you can push me in the right direction, thanks!
Try the "openssl cms" command, or its older sibling "openssl smime" .


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