One iOS App - 2 OpenSSL libraries.

Dr Paul Dale pauli at
Mon Aug 16 13:14:11 UTC 2021

There shouldn't be a limitation.  Although if two different versions of 
OpenSSL are being used, it is possible that they could interact together 
in odd ways.

OpenSSL will automatically use assembly implementations of algorithms 

* the "no-asm" option is specified at configuration time;
* the processor is detected, at run time, as being unable to support 
what we supply;
* there isn't such an implementation available.

I'm assuming that this is what you meant by "Bit-Code".

Paul Dale

On 16/8/21 10:57 pm, Goetzke, Arnold (A.P.) wrote:
> Hi -
> We have a large application, and two vendors are using the OpenSSL 
> library in their project.  However, only one of the projects encrypts 
> data successfully when joined in our application
> Is this a known limitation?
> Also, is there a way to enable Bit-Code for iOS when compiling?  I 
> don't see build setting to enable Bit-Code in the configuration options.
> <>
> Thanks for the help!
> Arnold

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