One iOS App - 2 OpenSSL libraries.

Viktor Dukhovni openssl-users at
Mon Aug 16 16:22:05 UTC 2021

> On 16 Aug 2021, at 11:33 am, Goetzke, Arnold (A.P.) <agoetzke at> wrote:
> Thanks for that Viktor - I'll see if the shlib_variant is an option.

Note that setting "shlib_variant" is something the vendor has to set
when building the bundled OpenSSL libraries.  The Configurations/README
file documents this as follows:

        shlib_variant   => A "variant" identifier inserted between the base
                           shared library name and the extension.  On "unixy"
                           platforms (BSD, Linux, Solaris, MacOS/X, ...) this
                           supports installation of custom OpenSSL libraries
                           that don't conflict with other builds of OpenSSL
                           installed on the system.  The variant identifier
                           becomes part of the SONAME of the library and also
                           any symbol versions (symbol versions are not used or
                           needed with MacOS/X).  For example, on a system
                           where a default build would normally create the SSL
                           shared library as ' ->' with
                           the value of the symlink as the SONAME, a target
                           definition that sets 'shlib_variant => "-abc"' will
                           create ' ->', again with
                           an SONAME equal to the value of the symlink.  The
                           symbol versions associated with the variant library
                           would then be 'OPENSSL_ABC_<version>' rather than
                           the default 'OPENSSL_<version>'. The string inserted
                           into symbol versions is obtained by mapping all
                           letters in the "variant" identifier to upper case
                           and all non-alphanumeric characters to '_'.

So the effect of shlib_variant is change both the shared object names (SONAME)
and its symbol versions (where applicable).  Applications linked with a
shlib_variant "" and "" will at runtime search for
"libssl-<variant>.so.<version>" and "libcrypto-<variant>.so.<version>".


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