Replacement for AES_set_encrypt_key and AES_encrypt to support 3.0

Dr Paul Dale pauli at
Tue Aug 17 07:44:56 UTC 2021

You don't want to use these and there is no direct replacement.  You 
want to use the EVP calls instead:  EVP_CipherInit_ex2, 
EVP_CipherUpdate, EVP_CipherFinal_ex and friends.

See this manual page:


On 17/8/21 5:11 pm, Shivakumar Poojari wrote:
> Hi All,
>        We are upgrading our code to openssl 3.0.
>          we need replacement for *AES_set_encrypt_key* and 
> *AES_encrypt,* these two functions are in two       different functions
>    previously we replaced below functions
>     AES_set_decrypt_key() AES_cbc_encrypt() 
> to EVP_CipherInit_ex EVP_CipherUpdate
>     EVP_CipherFinal_ex as show in the man page example now scenario is 
> different
>     Now I need *AES_set_encrypt_key *code 
> separately**and***AES_encrypt *code separately to use in differnnt    
>  places
> Thanks,
> shiva kumar
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