OpenSSL version 1.1.1l for NonStop TNS/E and TNS/X Binary Builds Published

Randall S. Becker rsbecker at
Wed Aug 25 17:43:34 UTC 2021

Hello OpenSSL Community,

Binary builds of OpenSSL version 1.1.1l for the HPE NonStop TNS/E (ia64) and TNS/X (x86) platforms have been published on the
ITUGLIB website in its usual place at The builds consist

.	Unthreaded 32-bit
.	POSIX User Thread Model (PUT) 32-bit
.	Standard POSIX Thread (SPT) Model 32-bit
.	IEEE Float Unthreaded 32-bit build for x86

Please consult the OpenSSL Security Advisory for 1.1.1l for more details on this release.

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