RE: Consultation:Additional “ephemeral public key” and “ephemeral private key" implementations for quictls/opens

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Sun Aug 29 19:53:16 UTC 2021

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> Specifically, we are trying to enable “ephemeral public key” and 
> “ephemeral private key" for SSL/TLS.

I'm afraid it is not clear to me, at least, what you are trying to do.

Are you attempting to implement a standard protocol that incorporates ephemeral key pairs, such as EKE, into TLS? Are you implementing a standard specifically for TLS that I'm not aware of? (That's quite possible; I don't follow TLS standards closely.)

If not, what is your use case? How do you see your protocol interacting with TLS?

Some might argue that OpenSSL is not especially well-suited for adding experimental ciphersuites and protocols to its TLS implementation. Its focus is on providing a secure and rich commercial implementation of TLS and various cryptographic operations and protocols, not on providing a toolkit for researchers.

I've never used quictls (as I think QUIC is broadly undesirable for most applications), but my understanding is that it's a fork of OpenSSL, so it's probably not any better in that regard.

Michael Wojcik

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