Need Replacement for Deprecated function.

Jeremy Harris jgh at
Fri Dec 3 19:05:43 UTC 2021

On 02/12/2021 11:07, Matt Caswell wrote:
> EVP_PKEY_get_bits() should be equivalent to DH_bits() (for a DH file). I would definitely double-check that you are not mis-loading something.

OK; this was indeed my fault.

One minor docs item:

   "Ownership of the dhpkey value is passed to the SSL_CTX or SSL object as a result of this call, and so the caller should not free it if the function call is succesful."

It's not quite clear what the onwership for a failing call is.
Experiment shows that an EVP_free() after a fail causes a crash,
at least for a "dh key too small" error.

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