Need Replacement for Deprecated function.

Jeremy Harris jgh at
Sun Dec 5 21:59:34 UTC 2021

On 05/12/2021 02:12, Dr Paul Dale wrote:
> They are documented in provider-mac(7) <> and EVP_MAC-HMAC(7) <> respectively.
> The key is the MAC key -- a string of bytes.
> The digest is the name of the digest that is to be used by the MAC. "sha1", "sha2-256", ...
> Pauli
> On 4/12/21 10:55 pm, Jeremy Harris wrote:
>> Following along with my tidying out of now-deprecated interface uses...
>> The reference example in
>> So does the code in master as of 6d770c5ba3.  But I don't see definitions
>> for them
So... how does that code compile?
Where is that macro defined?

(Thanks for the docs pointer.  I guess I can just use the explicit string)


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