Replacement fpr FIPS_Digest

Kory Hamzeh kory at
Mon Dec 6 22:30:09 UTC 2021


I am working on converting this code to OpenSSL 3 for FIPS-140 KASVS ECDH testing: <>

The only consequential change I made to the code was replacing the call to FIPS_Digest with a call to EVP_Digest when calculating the Z hash. I am loading the FIPS module using a configuration file and then calling property() to “fips=yes”.

I am only testing ECDH key gen and verification. When I run the test against NIST test vectors per SP800-56A, all of the verifies fail.

I am wondering if replacing FIPS_Digest with EVP_Digest is not enough? Also, code in the above link used a now unsupported callback function to register a fake entropy source. However, I don’t think entropy is at play for ECDH key verification.


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