Confusion Configuring

Hal Murray halmurray+openssl at
Sat Dec 18 09:32:09 UTC 2021

> It is very likely that your binary is actually loading the system's shared
> libraries instead of the ones you just compiled. You can verify whether this
> using the `ldd` command,

That was it.  Thanks.

> There is a shared library wrapper called `` which can be used to
> run the compiled application correctly without installing it: 

> util/ apps/openssl version -d

That works too.  Thanks again.


> I just reread your initial post and noticed that my explanation is somewhat
> inconsistent with your observations, since in your case the system openssl
> prints the expected path. 

No, you got it right.

Fedora is shipping 1.1.1l so openssl version -d gets the system code and 
system libraries.

I have 3.0.1 installed in /usr/local/ssl
The build stuff for the code I'm testing knows to look there.
My attempt to check things by running ./apps/openssl version -d
was picking up the old 3.0.1 libraries which were built with an old
buggy --openssldir=

My code is happy now that I have installed the new libraries
built with the correct --openssldir=

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