stunnel 5.61 released

Michał Trojnara Michal.Trojnara at
Wed Dec 22 20:44:02 UTC 2021

Dear Users,

I have released version 5.61 of stunnel.

### Version 5.61, 2021.12.22, urgency: LOW
* New features sponsored by the University of Maryland
   - Added new "protocol = capwin" and "protocol = capwinctrl"
     configuration file options.
* New features for the Windows platform
   - Added client mode allowing authenticated users to view
     logs, reconfigure and terminate running stunnel services.
   - Added support for multiple GUI and service instances
     distinguised by the location of stunnel.conf.
   - Improved log window scrolling.
   - Added a new 'Pause auto-scroll' GUI checkbox.
   - Double click on the icon tray replaced with single click.
   - OpenSSL DLLs updated to version 3.0.1.
* Other new features
   - Rewritten the testing framework in python (thx to
     Peter Pentchev for inspiration and initial framework).
   - Added support for missing SSL_set_options() values.
   - Updated stunnel.spec to support RHEL8.
* Bugfixes
   - Fixed OpenSSL 3.0 build.
   - Fixed reloading configuration with
     "systemctl reload stunnel.service".
   - Fixed incorrect messages logged for OpenSSL errors.
   - Fixed printing IPv6 socket option defaults on FreeBSD.

Home page:

SHA-256 hashes:
91ea0ca6482d8f7e7d971ee64ab4f86a2817d038a372f0893e28315ef2015d7a stunnel-5.61.tar.gz
19c5ff1f4101af1e69585328303c14249db2ec9063542101ca31edb6f6cc502f stunnel-5.61-win64-installer.exe

Best regards,

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