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Jan Just Keijser janjust at
Tue Jan 5 16:51:02 UTC 2021


On 05/01/21 07:39, George wrote:
> Hi,
>     I was looking at the  code in 
> and 
> realized I forgot to call ENGINE_ctrl_cmd(...) to setup 
> "LOAD_CERT_CTRL". However, when I do this, the callback function is no 
> longer being called during the mutual authentication handshake. I'm 
> wondering if I have the parameter "cert_info.s_slot_cert_id" 
> incorrectly configured. Here is what my code looks like:
>     struct
>     {
>        const char* s_slot_cert_id;
>        X509* cert;
>     } cert_info;
>     *cert_info.s_slot_cert_id =
>     "a9bee4d72100c52f77c3fc288d2be01a34b5d44f91b3b7ea3d349b8a25752c45";*
>     cert_info.cert = NULL;
>     *ENGINE_ctrl_cmd(engine, "LOAD_CERT_CTRL", 0, &cert_info, NULL, 0);*
>     *SSL_CTX_use_certificate(sslContext, cert_info.cert);*
> I tried manually using LOAD_CERT_CTRL in the openssl shell but I 
> cannot seem to get it to work and cannot find any examples of how to 
> use it.  Is the syntax for *LOAD_CERT_CTRL* correct? I am 
> using***"LOAD_CERT_CTRL:<certificate Object ID>".*
>     OpenSSL> engine -vvvv -t dynamic -pre
>     "SO_PATH:C:\\Users\\whipp\\junk4\\libp11-libp11-0.4.11\\src\\pkcs11.dll"
>     -pre ID:pkcs11 -pre LIST_ADD:1 -pre LOAD -pre
>     "MODULE_PATH:C:\Program Files (x86)\HID
>     Global\ActivClient\\acpkcs211.dll" -pre PIN:123456 -pre
>     FORCE_LOGIN *-pre
>     "LOAD_CERT_CTRL:a9bee4d72100c52f77c3fc288d2be01a34b5d44f91b3b7ea3d349b8a25752c45"
>     *(dynamic) Dynamic engine loading support
>     [Success]:
>     SO_PATH:C:\\Users\\whipp\\junk4\\libp11-libp11-0.4.11\\src\\pkcs11.dll
>     [Success]: ID:pkcs11
>     [Success]: LIST_ADD:1
>     [Success]: LOAD
>     [Success]: MODULE_PATH:C:\Program Files (x86)\HID
>     Global\ActivClient\\acpkcs211.dll
>     [Success]: PIN:123456
>     [Success]: FORCE_LOGIN
>     *[Failure]:
>     LOAD_CERT_CTRL:a9bee4d72100c52f77c3fc288d2be01a34b5d44f91b3b7ea3d349b8a25752c45**
>     **4196:error:260AB086:engine routines:ENGINE_ctrl_cmd_string:cmd
>     not executable:.\crypto\engine\eng_ctrl.c:316:*
>     Loaded: (pkcs11) pkcs11 engine
>          [ available ]
>          SO_PATH: Specifies the path to the 'pkcs11' engine shared library
>               (input flags): STRING
>          MODULE_PATH: Specifies the path to the PKCS#11 module shared
>     library
>               (input flags): STRING
>          PIN: Specifies the pin code
>               (input flags): STRING
>          VERBOSE: Print additional details
>               (input flags): NO_INPUT
>          QUIET: Remove additional details
>               (input flags): NO_INPUT
>     *LOAD_CERT_CTRL: Get the certificate from card**
>     **          (input flags): [Internal]*
>          INIT_ARGS: Specifies additional initialization arguments to
>     the PKCS#11 module
>               (input flags): STRING
>          SET_USER_INTERFACE: Set the global user interface (internal)
>               (input flags): [Internal]
>          SET_CALLBACK_DATA: Set the global user interface extra data
>     (internal)
>               (input flags): [Internal]
>          FORCE_LOGIN: Force login to the PKCS#11 module
>               (input flags): NO_INPUT
>     OpenSSL>
> I'm using the certificate object ID 
> "a9bee4d72100c52f77c3fc288d2be01a34b5d44f91b3b7ea3d349b8a25752c45" for 
> LOAD_CERT_CTRL. Is this right? (I also tried adding "0:" in front of 
> it to indicate slot 0, but that did not work either.

this has little to do with OpenSSL at the moment and more with libp11 - 
perhaps someone more knowledgable on the libp11 mailing list can help you.

I'd try to use
instead of '-pre', as you want this done after the engine has been loaded.

The cert ID does look OK. Note that if you want to use the s_client 
command that you canNOT specify the certificate form '-certform engine' 
as the code does not grok that.



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