Compilation error using OpenSSL 1.1.1i

Michael Wojcik Michael.Wojcik at
Thu Jul 1 17:21:15 UTC 2021

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> Sent: Wednesday, 30 June, 2021 08:29

> I am getting the below error. Does anyone have inputs. Any help would be appreciated.

> openssl/safestack.h(159) : error C2054: expected '(' to follow '__inline__'

[I don't think I've seen a reply to this. If it's already been answered, my apologies for the noise.]

With OpenSSL build questions, please always supply the Configure command line.

Offhand, it looks like your compiler doesn't recognize __inline__ as a decoration on a function declaration, and the pp-token "ossl_inline" is defined to expand to "__inline__".

Without digging through the configuration mechanism I can't say exactly how ossl_inline is defined, but presumably it's set by configuration based on what C implementation it believes you're using. So you may be using the wrong Configure target, or that target may assume a different C compiler, or a newer version of it.

Michael Wojcik

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