OpenSSL 3.0.0 beta1 link issues on Solaris 10

Dennis Clarke dclarke at
Mon Jul 26 00:53:06 UTC 2021

On 7/25/21 20:16, Dr Paul Dale wrote:
> None of the core developers have access to Solaris machines, thus we
> rely on the community for reports and fixes for this kind of thing.

Well access can be easily arranged.

> We're happy to assist and can sometimes identify and fix the problem but
> we still require help testing.

Not a problem. I do understand. This is not exactly a common platform
anymore but the things just keep on running. And running.

> This would best be raised as an issue on GitHub
> [].
> This way it is tracked and resource time can be allocated to it --
> although in this case I suspect it will be the community that cracks it
> for us.

It will come back to me most likely. Fine.

> Since you seem to have figured out a work around, including details of
> what you needed to do would be very useful.  Putting them up as a pull
> request would be even better.

I am working my way through the process now and also making changes as I
go. Nothing too involved. For the most part this feels very much like
the situation with 1.1.1k and all the previous flavours. Just a few
tweaks needed. ALL of the perl scripts are mildly annoying but that is
also easy to fix with some sed/grep/awk foo.

I have the testsuite running now.

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