Question: How to using cert files on Android platform?

Yang Rong sanjurohayami at
Wed Mar 3 01:56:31 UTC 2021


I am new to OpenSSL. I am working on a project using JNI+ OpenSSL on an Android App. My task is to create a client to access some web services. Currently, I am able to use the default trust store (/etc/ssl/certs) on Ubuntu18.04 to access the web services. But based on The OpenSSL is not able to use certs in the Android trust store.

That is an old thread. Do we have a way to use the Android trust store in 2021? The target API level of the Android App is 28. If OpenSSL is still not able to use the Android default trust stores nowadays. I would like to copy the certs from Ubuntu to the Android app. But I need to figure out which pem file is used to establish connections. Is there a way any OpenSSL command line cmd is able to do that?




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