modern algorithms performance in TLS 1.3

Jesús Molina Roldán jmr_sultan at
Sun Mar 14 10:35:17 UTC 2021

Actually I'm doing the final project degree about modern algorithms performance in TLS 1.3.

I would like to know if you can confirm some questions:
-The calculation of the shared secret of ECDH/DH for TLS 1.3 in the library openssl is calculated in the function ssl_derive from the class s3_lib.c in the part of the code:

if (EVP_PKEY_derive(pctx, pms, &pmslen) <= 0) {
                 goto err; }

Is it correct to calculate the keygen performance using the EVP_PKEY_keygen function?

Is it correct to calculate the performance of signing and verifying using  EVP_PKEY_verify and EVP_PKEY_sign function? And in the case of ED25519 using ED25519_sign and ED25519_verify from curve25519.c?

Thanks for all.


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