How to store openSSL EVP_MD and EVP_MD_CTX in local buffers

Dr Paul Dale pauli at
Wed Mar 24 05:09:45 UTC 2021

Structures are opaque after OpenSSL 1.0.  There is no way to do what you 

The recommended path is to call EVP_MD_CTX_dup() to create a copy of the 
context and use that the second time around.


On 24/3/21 2:03 pm, Vuthur Pavankumar wrote:
> Hi All,
> I was implementing SHA3 multi-call as below using openSSL version 
> openssl-1.1.1j
> init:
> const EVP_MD *evpmd = EVP_sha3_256();
> EVP_MD_CTX *ctx = EVP_MD_CTX_new()
> EVP_DigestInit_ex(ctx, evpmd, NULL);
> store ctx and evpmd in local buffer. and reuse it for update and final
> EVP_MD_CTX_free(ctx)
> update:
> get ctx and evpmd from local buffer and update ctx with evpmd and pass 
> it to  EVP_DigestUpdate method
> EVP_DigestUpdate(ctx, msg, msg_len); -> get ctx from  local buffer
> Final:
> get ctx and evpmd from local buffer and update ctx with evpmd and pass 
> it to  EVP_DigestUpdate method
> if(shake)
> EVP_DigestFinalXOF(ctx, md , mdlen); -> get ctx from  local buffer
> else
> EVP_DigestFinal_ex(ctx, md, &mdlen)
> Note:
> some buggy applications may not call the final call and the memory 
> allocated using OpenSSL in Digest init may not be freed.
> to avoid it I want to store EVP_MD_CTX and EVP_MD data in a local 
> buffer and reuse it instead of storing *ctx and freeing in the final call.
> the problem I am facing:
> 1.declaring below struct and compiling resulted in an error.
> error: field 'evpmd_ctx' has incomplete type
> error: field 'evpmd' has incomplete type
> typedef struct {
> uint16_t abc;
> uint16_t xyz;
> uint16_t reserved1;
> uint16_t reserved2;
> EVP_MD_CTX evpmd_ctx;
> EVP_MD evpmd;
> } SHA3Data;
> 2.same error for sizeof(EVP_MD_CTX ) and sizeof(EVP_MD )
> looks like EVP_MD_CTX and EVP_MD data are opaque to applications.
> *Do we have any other means to store  EVP_MD_CTX and EVP_MD data in 
> local buffers and reuse them in update and Final calls?*
> Thanks,
> Pavan

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