Load and unload of engines at runtime

Dr Paul Dale pauli at openssl.org
Sat May 1 07:22:12 UTC 2021

Why would you believe that ENGINE_register / ENGINE_unregister are the 
calls to load/unload an engine?  These calls are for _after_ the engine 
has been loaded:

    /*- Manage registration of ENGINEs per "table". For each type, there
    are 3
      * functions;
      *   ENGINE_register_***(e) - registers the implementation from 'e'
    (if it has one)
      *   ENGINE_unregister_***(e) - unregister the implementation from 'e'
      *   ENGINE_register_all_***() - call ENGINE_register_***() for
    each 'e' in the list
      * Cleanup is automatically registered from each table when required.

Might I suggest reading the manual pages?  Start with ENGINE_add().


BTW: waiting less than a day for a response is a bit impulsive. Most of 
the people who respond here are volunteers.

On 1/5/21 4:30 pm, Mahendra SP wrote:
> Hi All,
> Could someone please help with this query?
> Thanks
> Mahendra
> On Thu, Apr 29, 2021 at 5:20 PM Mahendra SP <mahendra.sp at gmail.com 
> <mailto:mahendra.sp at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi All,
>     We have crypto engines for offloading operations like RSA, digests
>     and ciphers, hmac etc. We are looking at a way to load and unload
>     engines at run time. This is needed as we need to use the engine
>     when needed for crypto operations. Else we plan to use openssl for
>     the same.
>     We tried,
>     -> unregister calls like ENGINE_unregister_XXX calls to force
>     redirection to openssl
>     -> Again, ENGINE_register_XXX to redirect to engine.
>     However, the above methods are not helping. Please suggest a way
>     to achieve the above requirement.
>     Thanks
>     Mahendra

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