Macro to support 3.0 and 1.0

Richard Levitte levitte at
Thu May 6 11:30:13 UTC 2021

Before using OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER, you should have this line:

    #include <openssl/opensslv.h>

So something like this should make it possible:

    #include <openssl/opensslv.h>

    #if (OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER >= 0x30000000L)
      /******higher version code************/
     #include <openssl/evp.h>
      /*******lower version code *********/
     #include <openssl/aes.h>

If that's not the case, you may have found a bug.  A short example
program that demonstrates this flaw would be nice in that case.


On Thu, 06 May 2021 12:38:30 +0200,
Shivakumar Poojari wrote:
> Hi All,
>          We are upgrading our code to openssl 3.0. But we need to keep the older
>          version of code also which is 1.0. So, we tried by keeping the newer version 
>          of the code as below but when we compiled the code for 3.0, evp.h is not
>          getting included. Please suggest f our approach is correct
> #if (OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER >= 0x30000000L)
>   /******higher version code************/
>  #include <openssl/evp.h>
> #else
>   /*******lower version code *********/
>  #include <openssl/aes.h>
> #endif
>        Also, we found that OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER is deprecated, so thought of using
>        the below macros but we think since this macro is defined in newer version this might
>        not work when we compile it for older versions. Please suggest how to handle this.
>   #include <openssl/evp.h>
>   #include <openssl/aes.h>
> thanks, 
> shiva kumar 
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