Migrating from cryptlib to openssl

Pramoth Murali pramothmurali at gmail.com
Sun May 16 22:30:22 UTC 2021

This is not a question specific to Openssl itself, but to discuss the
challenges of moving from other crypto libraries to OpenSSL (specifically
from cryptlib).

We have a legacy C++ application consuming cryptlib to perform encryption
operations, and we are considering migrating the application to consume
openssl. Looking over the definition file (.def) files between two, I
notice there’s not exactly a 1:1 counterpart but I notice that openssl is
extensive in terms of the operations I can do with.

We are considering the challenges and the gotchas we should know when
migrating from a different crypto library to openssl. Has anyone been
through this transition before and what were the challenges with the
migration? Note, the current motive is to save paying for the cryptlib
license, but also believe that moving to Openssl wil streamline our
applications using openssl and help patch security fixes easier.
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